Why Did I Decide to Study History

History has always been my favorite subject. Starting from the anthropological origins of man to the latest events in history, I’ve always made a point of learning as much as I can using any means possible like the internet, the new, and historical data in libraries. So many things have happened that it’s difficult to learn them all in one go. That is why I decided to study history so that I could learn as much as I can while I am still experiencing history every day.

Am I studying all types of history?

No. That would be impossible. Each country has millions of documentation on the history that shaped the world, but I chose to be more specific in my field. Before I decided what to major in, I looked deep into what I really wanted to study. Which part of history fascinated me the most? Which stories brought tears of joy and sadness to my eyes? The answer? Military history.

Although I am not a fan of war, I am a fan of history. War happened. It is still happening and learning about it, researching it, and teaching other people about it does more good than harm. Historical war is a lesson. It is a hard lesson that should be learned so that it will never happen again.

What is so great about military history?

While most people think that military history covers the beginning and end of wars, as well as the strategies used by the people who participated, the truth is that military history also covers the untold stories of people who were involved in wars.

Although many looks at armies as one unified entity, they are composed of people with real emotions and stories that are useful in creating a better future for our children. By studying how people thought and what they felt during times of war, we can assess how badly it can affect entire nations and societies. We can also find ways to do better and prevent the pain and desolation from happening again.

What about other types of history?

Why, I enjoy most, if not all fields of history. I simply chose military history because I felt it was the most practical for my skills as a researcher. I am most passionate about it, but I also love reading about other parts of history such as the rise and fall of societies and the way they picked themselves back up.

I also love reading about politics and learning how the world was shaped by great men and women. Not only that, history also involves science. This gives me a way to study more fields of study while not having to switch my major. Before I picked my major, I had to study the general gist of the world and American history.

Each moment is fascinating, but many are also haunting. However, as a history student, I’ve learned that my job is not to judge. It is to learn and find out more about our past. By doing so, I hope to help the world become a better place, if not one paper at a time.

Why should you study history as well?

It’s not a choice many would make, but I urge you to try it with your minor subjects and see if it fits. You only have to choose a major in the later years of college anyway. Just choose which field of study feels best to you. I am a fan of history and I hope you will be too.