Five tips from a student studying law

Law school is one of the most difficult courses around. People who are studying law know this, the stress, the frustrations, the heartbreaks, but also the triumphs and joys once you finish it. Even from an outsider’s point of view, they see law school as an intimidating path, full of long days and nights studying and memorizing things. And yes, that can be particularly true and it is not for everyone. But if you really are adamant in taking law school, then good, nothing should stop you! I will give you five crucial tips to make things a bit easier.

1. Study

This is common knowledge and almost a given, but I could not stress enough how studying is really the key to succeed in law school. Study as much as you can, whenever and wherever you can. When you have free time, study. If you can study while in a vehicle or while eating, do it. There is just too many things to learn when studying law, so you might as well get ahead. And remember not lag in your studies, you might not be able to catch up.

2. Get your knowledge from different sources

You do not need to stick to the books alone, there are many online sites that can give you the knowledge you need about law. Even Wikipedia is a great source for some law-related topics. If you really need to, do not be afraid to ask your professors or peers. Try joining study groups too. I guess what I am trying to say is do not limit yourself on just specific sources.

3. Take notes and review

Make sure to take notes on lessons and even things you are reading. Review everything in your mind to ensure you got them, and if you forgot something, check your notes. Before going to class, review the past lessons, when you get home after class, review what was taught that day. Review, review, review until you understand them.

4. Get rest

Now the first three steps are for nothing if you do not take time to rest and recharge. When you feel like you are reaching your limits, take a break. Get some sleep or go have a movie date with your friends and family. The rest period is as important as studying.

5. Remain positive

When you feel like you are overwhelmed and/or going nowhere, hang in there. Do understand you are not the first nor the last who feels this way. Law school is indeed a difficult thing, you will sometimes have self-doubts or feel defeated. Accept your mistakes and your shortcomings, but  don’t let that get to you, at least not permanently. Remain positive, keep pushing forward, and soon, you shall succeed with the goals you set to achieve.

Bonus Tip: If you fail, try again. Law school is hard. The bar is even harder. Even the most brilliant minds can’t pass law school or the bar exam. Accept failure, but never give up. That is one of the best advice I can give. Law is not an easy subject and it will never be. The law is the law and there is so much of it that we need to be vigilant in learning about it so we can uphold justice and maybe even change the world.

So with these tips, I hope it will make your study of law school much more efficient if not easier.